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10 April 2012 @ 10:59 pm

I went to the dentist yesterday. What a horrible experience it was! There were pictures on the ceiling. Probably there to give people something else to think about, but they didn’t help at all. Every time the dentist approached me with an instrument I went all panicky and wild-eyed.

“What is that?! Is that a drill?!”

“No, it’s a little mirror so I can take a better look at your teeth.”

“Aaaah, what is that?!”

“It’s still the same mirror.”

She prodded at my wisdom teeth and said I’ll probably have to get some of them removed. A couple of months ago my lower wisdom teeth half-heartedly tried to protrude from under my gums but then they decided give up. I thought that it’s a good thing that they are there, still partially safe under my gums. The dentist thought otherwise and said they are likely to get infected and not grow straight, so it’s better to remove them before that happens. I went “No, no, no! My teeth are trying their hardest to grow straight! Give them a chance!”

The dentist gave me a weird look and then went on to lecture me about the use of the dental floss. Pretty ridiculous to lecture me about that since I’ve been using dental floss ever since I learnt I have a dentist appointment. Two weeks ago! Also, ever since that appointment one of my wisdom teeth has been acting out. I think it’s some sort of conspiracy against me!

After the dentist, I went to the library to study before my lectures at the university. But before that I went to the pharmacy to get some painkillers. I had been running a high fever for a couple of days and had run out of painkillers. I was pretty sure I was not able to get to the library without something to numb the pain. Funnily enough, I thought that being in pain would make my dental visit more tolerable because if I was dying anyway, the dentist couldn’t do anything worse. I was wrong.

So, popped in a couple of pills and continued my journey to the library. It must be the painkillers because I suddenly decided to walk there, which I have never done in my life. I survived the journey and then proceed to annoy people for a couple of hours with my constant wheezing and sneezing.

At school, we had visitors, students from some upper secondary. I think they were there because they would like to study English at the university. The teacher was energetic as usual but the day’s subject was not the best possible.

“Ok, students! Can somebody tell me what’s the difference between this cook book recipe and these assembly instructions for a crib.”

There was dead silence. With great effort the teacher managed to get some answers out of us. But not out of me, for heaven’ sake, I don’t answer questions. Though, I actually thought of answering once. I knew the answer, but then I started thinking about the correct pronunciation and what if my voice gave out, and concluded that because of my illness I can be excluded from anything I don’t want to do. When I was in the elementary I would sometimes go up to the teacher and whisper the answer to her ear. However, it was embarrassing then and it would've been embarrassing now.

I skipped the second and last lecture and went straight home, after a brief baguette hunt. I spend the rest of the day surfing on youtube and eating that baguette which I couldn’t even taste. Curse you stuffed nose! Eating has been my only joy for 22 years now…